If you would like to submit a FAQ for addition to our list please email the question to support@afdsllc.com. We look forward to answering your questions.
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Backup : How do I backup my software

The software can be reinstalled any time that you need.  You will have to contact us at support@afdsllc.com for a reset of your license number prior to doing so.  To backup your software simply move the contents of the C:\AFDS directory to a cloud backup location or a external USB Flash drive.  This directory contains all the data for the software and when combined with the installation of the software provides a working system

Firedoors survey : What type of openings does the software survey?

Our software allows the inspector to survey both Non Rated and Rated Doors.  It allows the inspector to survey Single, Double, Dutch, and Pair opening.  If there is a opening that is not on the list or something you would like the software to do please email us for a quote at support@afdsllc.com

Usability : How many records can your software hold?

Realistically the number of records that the software can hold is a function of the disk space on the computer, not the records available in the database.  More than likely the software can hold more records than you will be able to put into the software.  If however, you fee the need to archive any of the records please contact us at support@afdsllc.com for help with this process.  Support fees may apply

reports : What are some tips with reporting?

There are a few items that will be make your reporting experience more enjoyable.  The first is that you should choose one opening to work with before choosing all the openings.  The reporting system develops a cache of the report and the first time it runs it can appear to be slow.  Therefore if you run it with only 1 opening and then choose all your openings for the next report it will be as fast as possible.  The second item is the export to PDF.  If there is ever any issue with exporting to PDF we recommend printing to a PDF printer such as Nitro PDF or Adobe Acrobat Standard.  There are also a number of free PDF printers available on the internet such as pdf995.com and others.  These will allow you to print your report to PDF as needed from the preview screen.

Installation Software : How do I install the software

Installation of the software is straight forward but there are 2 items that you may encounter.   The first is that the software is in 2 parts, 1 is the main AFDS software "Survey App".  The second is the reporting engine which is SAP Crystal Reports which is a run-time engine that allows you to use the reports created with the software.  Make sure to finish both parts of the installation so that your software will work successfully.  Depending on your operating system you may be required to install a newer version of the Microsoft .NET runtime but the software should notify you of that need.  Any questions feel free to email us at support@afdsllc.com

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Installation : What do I do with the registration code

Once you have downloaded and installed your software you are now ready to begin the registration process.  Upon opening the software you will be presented with the registration screen. This must be filled out completely.  After filling

Registration : How to obtain a Registration Code

In order to serve our customers as best as possible and prevent our sofware from being used by an unintended audience we require a registration code to access the software.  This code will allow you access for the period of time that you have purchased or in the case of a demo the period of time you have been given for evaluation.  To obtain a registration code email us at support@afdsllc.com with details of your name, business etc

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Installation : How do I Download the Software

The software can be easily downloaded from our website.  The file is an 80MB zip file which has been checked for viruses and other malware.  The download experience may be different depending on which browser you are using.  It has been tested in all browsers but they all provide a unique experience.  Google Chrome will download the file in the lower left hand corner of the screen and present you with a question of whether the software is safe. IE will behave differently depending on which version you have.  If you have any issues feel free to email us at support@afdsllc.com and we will help you through the process

Cost : How do I add material and labor costs?

To add material and labor costs to our software do the following.

1.  From the main menu click Component Types

2. Manage System

3. Choose the section

Installation Software : How do I download and install the software

This video discusses the installation and downloading of our software onto your computer or laptop running Windows 7 or greater